Daenery, a charming athletic director at a famous gym in Los Angeles, seeks out time away from her challenging job. Having not seen her friend in years, and a tragic event in her best friends life, brings Daenery out of LA and to New York City to help her friend cope. 

Lucretzia, an editor for the New York Times, has a massive trial happen in her life. Not wanting to deal with her most recent past, she manages to sway Daenery back to their home town in New York City. But, Lucretzia has other plans. 

Going on a long journey is not Daenery’s idea of fun. Somehow Lucretzia coax’s Daenery out where both of them find something or someone they never meant to encounter. This two week affair turns into something that could potentially be more, but should they run or stay and play for a while? 

A Summer Fling