Kendra Harvey has dealt with her fair share of liars. To her, they’re everywhere. Having trust issues doesn’t mix well when it comes to dating, causing her to not seriously date. She tries, really, but it never works out. Her past experiences never leave her mind and are always poking and prodding at her brain when she meets a man or goes on a date.

One night, while working at her job at the local club, she meets a man who happens to be the singer in a band playing at the bar. Feelings rush her, catching her off guard, and she falls for him. Knowing he will most likely be the worst of them all because of his profession when it comes to lying and being a player, she tries to keep her distance from him.

Will Kendra ever get over her past? Will she push through her personal issues to a brighter future and the possibility of finally finding the one? Or will she allow her past to dictate her future?

Kendra Harvey: What Lies Beneath